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HIV Virus, New Thought Ministry, Government Conspiracy, Televangelist, International Intrigue,
Vietnam Veteran, FBI, New World Order, AIDS Epidemic

Reviews - FORMULA SEVEN Genesis World Order

A government conspiracy of the highest order

Paul Falk - Author/Reviewer

Author Michael March created a suspenseful tale enriched with many twists and turns. The storyline displayed the main character with a dissociative identity disorder. Throughout the narrative, there was no predicting his erratic behavior. The fast-paced plot danced its way through endless harrowing scenes.

Following the death of his partner and former lover, Matthias, Cyrus embarked on a mission to uncover the cure for the AIDS virus. Completely immersed, it would consume his every waking hour. Inevitably, the road to a cure would first necessitate being paved with many bodies.

After an intensive three years of exhaustive research, the elusive gene had finally been isolated. The key to unlocking the HIV virus was at hand - Formula Seven antitoxin. It was a researcher's dream come true. Now, thousands of lives would be saved. Unfortunately, those dreams would be quickly dashed. Out of nowhere, a government conspiracy was in the making of the highest level.

In a series of uncontrollable events, everything had come apart. First, the doctor's primary lab at Crutchfield had been broken into and ransacked. Rooms left bare, everything was gone. While at the airport awaiting his flight home, Cyrus's briefcase had been stolen right from under his nose. It became obvious that professionals were at work.

If that wasn't enough, upon arrival home, priceless research data in his safe had been stolen. There were no obvious signs of a break-in. Finally to cap everything off, he was unjustly arrested and thrown into jail for criminal activity of conspiring to purchase valuable stolen artwork. It was a clear case of entrapment.

Taking on a Jekyll-and-Hyde persona, Cyrus embarked on a journey into the dark side. No longer the conservative research scientist of yore, his hungry search for gratification was in grave need of satisfaction. Clouded by overzealous ambition, the former man of science would stop at nothing to get his way. It was only a question of how long he would be able to keep those candles burning at both ends. Unknown to him, the day of reckoning awaited just around the corner.

I extend my thanks to NetGalley and First Edition Design Publishing for this ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.